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Q. Is their coat difficult to care for?
A. Not really, regular grooming is required, paying particular attention to the area around the ears and the trousers and feathering on the front and back legs. The long coated varieties moult usually twice a year and then it is quite simple to strip the cotton wool like undercoat out.

Q. Do they require a large amount of exercise?
A. Young puppies should not be taken on long walks, one should think of it as walking a toddler long distances, you just don't do it! Very gradually build up exercise after the age of six months and then establish a regular exercise regime.  

Q. Are they similar to German Shepherds in temperament?
A. No the Belgian Shepherd is a completely separate breed and their temperaments and personalities are quite different.

Q. Are they good with children?
A. Belgians and children usually are the best of friends, with the Belgian, once fully grown, devotedly protecting the children of the family. However, this must be built on mutual respect, the children must be taught to respect the dog as it is growing. No matter how much one trusts a dog, young children and dogs should never be left alone together.

Q. Are they easy to train?
A. Belgians are highly trainable. They respond to sensitive handling and close human contact.

Q. How long do they live?
A. They are normally a long-lived breed and 12 to 15 years old is quite normal.


Please email me with any further questions you may have, I will be pleased to respond and your question could be added to the list to help prospective Belgian Shepherd owners in the future.


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